Chapter 6.

It was now 10 AM. The rain was pouring down outside the window. Buffy was sleeping. Angel was lying next to her on the bed, and she was resting her head on his chest. He had one arm around her, and the other hand carefully placed on her stomach.

Giles and Joyce were standing by the door, watching them.

"I`m so glad she is finally getting some rest."

"yes" Giles agrees, as he closes the door. Leaving Buffy and Angel to themselves.

"All she needed was him....I should have known."

"We all thought she would be okay without him. I believe even Buffy thought she would, but the heart chooses what it chooses" Giles says.

Inside Buffy was waking up. She hadn`t felt so peaceful in a long time. Angel tenderly kissed her on the head.

She sighed happily "this feels like a dream."

He smiled at her.

"have you been feeling any more pain?"

"Nope...I think the baby was just telling me he wanted his daddy" she said, settling back in his arms. "this is long have I been a sleep?"

"about 6 hours" Angel told her.

She thought for a second "isn`t the sun coming up?"

"The weather reports says that it will be raining all day."

"Funny how that happens"

Buffy suddenly got a boost of energy and bolted up, scaring Angel half to death.

"What, what`s wrong?" he asked, panicked.

She could see how terrified he looked and toned it down.

"Nothing, I`m hungry...could you get me some ice cream, and pizza, uh and chocolate...and waffles" all the pregnancy cravings she had been lacking was now coming full force. She tapped him on the knee "oh, and potato chips and fries....Uh, oh, oh, and peanut butter, crunchy, please."

"is that all?" he asked playfully.

"and chocolate milk."

"Got it" He nodded with a smile, smiling, as he got off the bed. She took his hand, stopping him "thank you."

She sighed happily, and laid back against her pillow, with a big grin on her face, watching Angel as she walked out.

He turned to smile at her once more, before closing the door behind him.


A little while later, Angel had gotten her everything she had asked for. He was sitting on the side of the bed, feeding her chocolate dipped in peanut butter and ice cream.

"We need to find a name" Buffy announced.

"a name?" he asked, getting another scoop of ice cream.

"for the baby silly"

"oh...You haven`t decided on one yet?"

"No, I thought that was something his father should do" she said lovingly, as he fed her another spoon of ice cream.

"His father, I`m gonna be a dad" Angel couldn`t describe the feelings he was feeling.

"Do you know a name, something you want to call him?"

Angel thought about it for a second "Connor...I`d like to call him Connor, if that`s okay?"

"Connor....That sounds perfect...we`ll name him, Connor Angel Summers, that`s nice...." She broke off as a sharp intense pain ripped through her abdomen. Angel jumped from his seat, dropping everything. Buffy screamed out, grabbing his hand.

"WE NEED SOME HELP IN HERE!" he desperately cried out.

Their eyes locked. She was helplessly gripping his hand. He could see the pain and fear covering her face. His heart ached for her. All the torture he had ever experienced, couldn`t compare to the pain he felt watching her in agony.

The doctors came rushing in. Angel held on to Buffy`s hand and stroked her hair. He tried to tell her that everything would be okay, but he wasn`t able to sound convincing. The doctors got ready to take Buffy up to the O.R. it seems to be an abruption. They instructed her to turn on her side, and Angel helped.

"Is the baby okay?" Buffy pleaded.

"The baby`s heart rate is dropping, we need to take you for an emergency C-section"

One of the nurses put a breathing mask over Buffy`s face.

"Angel, I`m scared" Buffy sobbed through the mask.

The tone in her voice send chills down his spine. He felt utterly powerless seeing her like that, and desperately wanted to take her pain away.

He kissed her hand, as they quickly move her bed into the hall. Angel followed, never letting go of her hand.

"You are going to be okay" he calmly told her.

When they reach the OR, Angel was told he had to wait outside. As they wheeled Buffy in, he was forced to let go of her hand. She was calling for him, It`s was killing him that he couldn`t be with her.

Chapter 7
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