Chapter 9

The next day Buffy still hadn`t woken up. Angel had been moving back and forth between her room and the nursery all day. It was still pouring down outside, he felt thankful for that. The thought of having to leave the hospital and sit for hours in a dark room wasn`t something he wanted to do right now. Normally he enjoyed sitting alone in the dark, but not now.

He was on his way to Buffy`s room with Connor. He had convinced the doctors to let him take him down to see Buffy. Feeling it might help her, to be near her son. Angel carefully wheeled the bassinet through the hall, and into the elevator.

"We`re gonna go see your mom now" He said looking down at Connor. The newborn was looking back at him.

The elevator chimed and the doors opened. Angel stepped out. Wheeling the bassinet slowly in front of him, as he walked down the hall.

When they reached Buffy`s door, Angel used his back to swing it open. He placed the bassinet next to Buffy`s bed and carefully lifted the baby into his arms. He walked over, leaned down, placing the baby gently by her side. Connor squirmed and yawned, Angel lifted Buffy`s arm and placed it attentively around the baby.

He waited for a minute in anticipation, hoping she could feel the baby and open her eyes, but her eyes remained closed.

He sat down in the chair next to the bed, keeping one hand on Connor, just to make sure he wouldn`t fall out. The other he used to stroke Buffy`s hair. He leaned in, rested his head against hers and closed his eyes.

Then Buffy started to slowly move her head. Angel opened his eyes and sat back, watching as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Angel" she moaned weakly.

Angel felt a wave of relief run through him. She was awake. He couldn`t help smiling, brightly. Her eyes fluttered as she was trying to focus on him.

"Buffy" he said, almost whispering.

Buffy`s eyes soon fell on the tiny blue bundle lying against her arm. She gasped and looked up at Angel, who smiled and nodded his head, then she looked back down at the baby. Tears filled her eyes, as she admired her son. He was so small and so perfect, she slowly enveloped the baby into her arms with Angel`s help.

"Your are so beautiful" she said looking down at the baby.

"I`m your mom" she touched his tiny little fingers and he grabbed on to her pinky, which made her and Angel both smile brightly. Angel moved closer to them and Buffy looked up at him.

"We have a son" she sobbed happily, unsure if it was all just a dream.

They gazed lovingly at each other and then back down at baby.

"I`m gonna make sure nothing bad ever happens to you" she said, leaning down to give the baby a kiss on the head. Then she looked back at Angel, she could see so much joy reflected in his warm brown eyes. They gazed longingly at each other, no longer able to control their feelings, they leaned in and kissed, deeply. The whole world seemed to just fade away, like it always did when they kissed. And all the obstacles that kept them apart for so long, just seemed to vanish.

As their kiss ended, they both opened their eyes and smiled. The baby made a little snoring sound, making them look at him and chuckle. Angel climbed into bed with Buffy, and put his arm around her. There was so much they had to talk about. but for right now, all they needed was each other. The three of them, one family.

5 months later

Buffy and Angel sat curled up under a blanket on the couch in their new house. Their hands where intertwined. The fireplace was lit, and stockings where hung. The Christmas tree was decorated, and their beautiful, healthy, baby boy was sleeping soundly in his crib. Life was perfect.

Buffy ran her finger over Angel`s gold band. They had been married for 6 weeks now. It had been such an amazing day. They had held the ceremony on top of the hill, where they had been standing when it started to snow for the first time ever in California. Giles had led Buffy to where Angel stood, beaming at her. He had looked so handsome in his tux, and she could tell by the look in his eyes that he thought she looked beautiful in her gown. It had been a night time ceremony of course, but everyone had filled the hill with candellights, and Willow had worked her magic and made it rain shooting starts that day. The people who saw it were probably wondering how that many shooting starts could appear in one night. It truly had been the perfect wedding. They had spent their wedding night in each others arms, watching their little miracle son sleep soundly.

Buffy snuggled herself closer to Angel, and he held her profectivly in his arms. He looked down at her, his wife. The thought made him smile. He knew the road to redemption would be long and painful. But with Buffy and Connor by his side, he could handle anything; they made his life worth living.

Hearing Connor cry brough him back to reality. He told Buffy he would get him, kissed her on the head, and went to get their son. Everytime he saw the little boy`s face, he could see himself and Buffy. He had to pinch himself to believe it, but each time the conclusion was the same. He and Buffy had a son.

Angel picked up the little bundle, always afraid he might break him with his vampire strenght, but Connor seemed really content looking up at his dad. Angel carried him into the living room and sat down as Connor started to fuss again. Putting the baby down on his lap Angel started making funny faces that had Buffy laughing. It seemed to be working though and Connor seemed to settle down. Angel then carefully raises from the chair, and sat down next to Buffy. They cuddled up with their son. Everything was perfect. And the hope that one day, he could play ball with his son outside in the sun. that made all the difference in the world.

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