Winners for the AU challenge

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. For this challenge there are no categories, I decided to give out 8 awards with 3 honorable mention, I decided this before I watched any of the submissions and as much as I liked all the videos and feel they all deserved to win, I had to narrow it down. place, Mazza, Buffy`s hero Spike- This is the most amazing Spuffy video I`ve ever seen, the voiceovers fits so well and the manipulations with Buffy in the hospital visiting Spike looks so real. You did a really great job with this video and I completely fell for it. Your choice of song and clips and colors all fit so well together. You really captured Buffy`s pain over missing Spike and the flashbacks fits so well

2nd place, Andrea-Gordon-of all the videos this one really made me laugh, you created a really funny story, and having Angel aka Gordan throw knifes at Riley aka John was just brilliant, you made all those dramatic and serious scenes look like it was taken from a comedy and the text you added was just a great idea because every time I read a line I started laughing and it fit so well with the clips. "just one more Viagra" that line was hilarious

3d place, Dreamhunter-You have such an incredible talent of matching Temperance Brennan/Emily Deschanel with Angel, the piano music was a great choice for this video and making the scenes in slow motion. I loved the manipulation of their meeting in the club and them walking down the street and him sitting in the chair and her leaning down and them kissing in bed and what an ending, just amazing

4th place, Cassie, white horse-You manipulated it really well and managed to make the story seem real, if I hadn`t seen Bones I would have believed that story was real with Brennan calling and Rebecca answering and Brennan yelling at Booth in the pub. I also loved how you put the Cinderella clips in there, it was a good choice that I don`t think that many people would make.

5th place, SpikesPet, unfaithful-You used that song really well, the story was so easy to follow and you made it seem so real with the clips you chose. You captured really well how hard it was for Buffy not go behind Spike`s back and how much it hurt Spike to feel like he was losing the love of his life to another man.

6th place, Cassie, When You`re Gone-This was a real tearjerker, I`m glad this story isn`t real, you did a really great job making it seem real though. I had tears in my eyes all through it, you showed Brennan`s grieve in such a captivating way, I loved the flashbacks you used and you managed to place them at just the right time.

7th place, Galadriel, Saint is a sinner too-I have not seen this movie and I don`t know how much of it was AU but I thought you did a really great job with the video, it was packed with angst and drama and you made me want to see it.

8th place, Leah, in my veins-Although I haven`t seen this movie your video made me fall for that couple and made me want to see the movie, I so hoped they had ended up together and I hope they do in the movie. You did a really great job and you showed well how much Logan wanted to be with Rouge, I don`t know what kind of relationship they had in the movie but you made your story seem really real.