Winners Round 1: Featuring Booth and Brennan

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. All the videos were wonderful and it was really hard to judge, and as much as I wanted to give first place to everyone, I had to narrow it down.

Explanation: There is a gold star on the judge`s choice award, silver on all the awards for the different categories and bronze for the honorable mention awards. I have written a reviews for all the winning videos, I might not write this many reviews every time but if there is a video aside from judge`s choice I want to say something about, then I will add a review for that.

Judge`s choice and reviews are at the bottom.

There were not enough entries to give awards for Most Unique, Best Overal Use of Song, Best crossover, Best villain or Best Family


SPIKESPET-An action packed video showing soulless Sam and the confusion he must be feeling. I love how you sped up some of the scenes, it fit really well with the song. I also loved that you added the clip of Sam seeing himself do evil and the scenes of Sam and Dean crying.

STEFANIA-You showed really well the love Damon feels for Elena and how hard it must be for him to chose between being who he is and who she wants him to be. I loved that you started the video with Elena saying "be the better man Damon" and those words seemed to haunt him throughout the whole video.

ANDREA-The funniest video I`ve ever seen, I laughed through the whole thing and the clips you chose fit so well with the lyrics, it looked just like Spike and Angel where talking. You also showed really well in such a funny way how alike they really are but how they never want to admit it. I loved Spike`s thumbs up to Ricky Martin and the scene with Buffy and Ted and the elevator scene where Angel and Spike crash into other and not to mention the christmas light scene, so funny.

CAMELIA1986-This video really got to me, it`s wonderfully haunting from start to end, showing the story of Angel, Darla, Dru and Spike and how they all became vampires. Excellent choice of song, it fits well with the story, I loved the way you zoomed in and out and the way you captured each of their emotions. An absolutely amazing video.

WOLFPUP-Wow what a powerful video, this is the best Castiel video I`ve ever seen and there are way to few out there. The song fits him so perfectly and you captured his emotions and lack of so wonderfully.

DREAMHUNTER-This was such an amazing crossover, I love crossover videos with Brennan and Angel and you made the story and the scenes look so real, I`ve never seen anything like this, and putting that laugh in there was genius, Angelus`s laugh is just so evil and fit so well with the story, I also loved the music you chose, it really set the mode, you did a fantastic job.

GAIA89-From start to end this video showed how Spike really was a "drug" to Buffy and she was addicted to him, no matter how much she tried to deny it and tried to stay away she was drawn to him. I want to point out how well it fitted to have the clip of Buffy thouching the fire when the lyrics said "like I can`t feel anything" I also liked that you faded to black on most of the clips it fit well and that you zoomed in on Buffy`s face