Winners Round 11

Wolfpup-Better Angels: wonderful video. You matched the lyrics so well and picked the perfect song for a Castiel and Dean video. I love the friendship between Castiel and Dean. How Cass always shows up when Dean calls him, and even though he is conflicted he always comes through in the end. Cass is probably one of the best friends Dean has ever had, It`s kind of strange to think that Dean didn`t use to be believe that angels existed at all. You showed really well how lost Dean would be without Cass and how much he counts on him for almost everything.

These videos have been carried forward to the next round

Best overall use of song: Galadriel-The Path
Best AU: Dreamhunter-Irresistible
Best crossover: Dreamhunter-Irresistible
Best action: Galadriel-The Path
Best episodic: Galadriel-The Path