Chapter 3.

Buffy was plagued by the memories of the day she spent with Angel. And as she felt the life they created grow inside her, the guilt over not telling him about the baby, ate at her.


The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months.

She was now 8 months pregnant.

It`s gone by so fast, she thought, sitting in a rocking chair in the nursery.

She laid her hand on her swollen belly, and ran her thumb over the bulge. She could feel the baby move around inside of her. It was a strange feeling but it also made her calm. Feeling the baby move, meant he, or she, was okay. Buffy felt guilty, as she hadn`t been so good at taking care of herself through her pregnancy. She had trouble sleeping, and eating. it wasn`t that she didn`t want to take care of her baby. It was just so hard to function properly, without Angel. He wasn`t there to share in the first kick, the Lamaze classes or the scare of Braxton hicks. Buffy had constantly been picking up the phone and dialing his number, but then changed her mind, and hung up again. One time she actually stayed on long enough for him to answer. It had taken everything she had, not to say his name.

Buffy sat quietly, rocking back and forth, looking around the beautifully decorated nursery. She remembered how much fun everyone had, had fixing it up. Willow and Xander had started a paint fight and accidentally hit Giles in the face. The memory of Giles `s fuming red face, covered in paint made her laugh a little.

The doorbell rang. She knew right away that it was Willow and Xander, even before she heard their voices. If it was two people she could count on during this pregnancy, it was them. They had been there for her constantly. Sitting with her when she told her mom and Giles, helping her through morning sickness, holding her hand during the ultrasound appointments and coaching her in the Lamaze classes. They had been her rock. Without them, she knew she wouldn`t have made it this far.

Xander popped his head in and smiled "ready to go?"

Buffy couldn`t help but smile at him. He is such a goof ball, she thought. Struggling to get out of the rocking chair. Xander ran over and gave her a hand.

"thanks" she said sweetly, as they walked towards the door.

Downstairs, Willow was standing in the kitchen with Joyce and Giles when Buffy and Xander entered. They all greeted Buffy.

"Hey honey, you must be hungry, I made your favorite. Crunchy peanut butter, extra jelly, without the crust" her mom said, handing her a plate.

"Oh and I made you favorite juice, two parts orange, one part grapefruit" Willow said proudly.

Buffy smiled, and took the plate and juice. Giles helped her sit down in one of the chairs, and they all looked at her in anticipation. Hoping she would at least take a bite, and drink the juice.

Every time someone mentioned peanut butter or chocolate, it sparked a memory in her.

"Why didn`t you ever tell me about chocolate and peanut butter"

"How are you feeling?" Giles asked, breaking her thoughts.

"Good" she said half heartedly, looking down at her plate. "`s patrolling going?" she needed to get her mind off Angel.

"It`s going great, you don`t have to worry about that at all, just focus on yourself and the baby" Willow said reassuringly.

Buffy felt a sudden sharp twinge, her hand shot to her stomach as she gasped. This didn`t go unnoticed as everyone where by her side within seconds, asking if she was okay.

She shook it off, saying it was a just a kick.

"um, I`m really tired, I think I`m gonna skip Lamaze class today" she got off her chair and started towards the livingroom.

"do you need some help" Xander asked.

"no, I got it, thanks." Buffy hurried out of sight, then leaned into the wall, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, while rubbing her belly. The pain had been sharp. She didn`t want to worry everyone, so she decided to go upstairs and get some rest.

"Probably just stress" she said trying to reassure herself as she made her way up the stairs.


In LA, things where also happening. Angel had learned of a prophecy that said he would eventually become human. It would be a reward for all the good he does, and the people he saved. Angel investigations where in full swing saving life after life. But even though everything was going great, Angel still had this nagging feeling that something was going on. Something big was going to happen, soon.

Chapter 4
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