Chapter 4.

The clock on the nightstand showed 2:15 AM. Buffy was sleeping, dreaming.

In her dream she was sitting on a beach, with her eyes closed. feeling the breeze in her hair, and the sun in her face. Resting her hands on her swollen belly. Everything was calm. Two strong, and loving arms reached around her waist, and caressed her hands. It was Angel. She sagged into him, resting her head next to his. Feeling his heart beat, and his breath on her skin. it was complete serenity. He lovingly stroked her hands, as they sat there in their own little world. Then suddenly Buffy jolted up in her bed, clutching her stomach, breathless. In the same second in LA, Angel also woke with a jolt. Buffy felt like she had been stabbed, a sharp, intense pain had lanced through her abdomen, waking her from her nice dream. It took her a minute to catch her breath after it had subsided. She rubbed it.

"okay, we`re okay now" she tried to reassure herself. But something about that pain didn`t feel right, and she didn`t want to go back to sleep. Instead she got out of bed, and went downstairs. "maybe you`re hungry" she said talking to her belly.

She went to the kitchen, and opened the refrigerator. There was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the juice from before. She got it out, and sat down by the counter.

"I wish your daddy was here" she told the baby. Then took a sip of the juice, and a bite of the sandwich. In no time at all, both the sandwich, and the juice were gone. Buffy grabbed the glass, and the plate and was about to stand up. But then an intense pain wrenched through her belly, the muscles clenched up really hard. She dropped the content in her hands, and it broke on the floor. She bend forward trying to contain the pain. She had never felt pain like that and it was difficult to breathe. Fear raised in her, as her vision became blurry. She called out for her mom, and then collapsed on the floor.

In LA, Angel had come across an old picture of Buffy. He had an uneasy feeling that something was wrong.

Buffy was lying on the cold floor, waiting for the ambulance. Her body was numb now. She closed her eyes, and then slowly opened them again. Her mom, Willow and Xander were sitting by her side, telling her everything was going to be okay. Holding her hand and stroking her damped forehead. The only thing Buffy could think about was Angel. She had to tell him. She needed him. She started whispering his name

Willow asked if she wanted her to call him, and Buffy nodded her head, yes. Willow hurried over to the phone and dialed.

In LA, Angel was unable to sake the uneasy feeling he had, that something was wrong with Buffy. He was just about to call when the phone rang, he quickly answered it.


"It`s me Willow."

Angel knew by her tone of voice that something was wrong

"Buffy?" He said.

"She`s sick. We`re going to the hospital, she wants you to come."

Angel felt his body turn numb, something was wrong with Buffy. He had to get to her

"the ambulance is here, I have to go. you should hurry." Willow tells him

Angel quickly put down the phone, grabed his coat and ran upstairs.

Chapter 5
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