Chapter 5.

Angel rushed into the hospital.

He found Willow, Xander, Giles and Joyce all sitting in the waiting area. They stood when they saw him. and the worried looks on their faces didn`t make him feel better.

"where is Buffy?" he asked quickly.

"She`s resting" Giles told him.

"what`s wrong with her?" he was worried, and it didn`t get any better when they all exchange a look, signalizing they knew something, he didn`t.

"I think you should just go in. She`s been asking for you" Willow tells him, and points down hall door "3rd door on the right, room nr. 203"

Angel walks briskly down the hall, searching the doors for 203. He was really anxious to see her. His stomach was in knots, and he was terrified of what he would find. When he reached the door, and slowly swung it open. His eyes immediately fell on Buffy`s swollen abdomen.

Buffy opened her eyes, and smiled at the sight of him.

"Angel..." she said, weakly.

He stood still, watching her. His eyes wandered from her face to her belly. He wasn`t sure if he knew exactly what was happening.

Buffy put her hand on her stomach and looked at him "Do you wanna feel your baby move?"

Somehow he knew it was his baby, but hearing her confirm it, made it more real.

"I don`t understand, how did this happen...?"

Buffy sat up in bed "I`m a little fuzzy with the details myself. But I`m guessing, it happened during the day we spend together. 8 months ago. In your basement in LA...remember?"

His eyes widden "you know about that, you weren`t suppose to remember, I was the only one"

Buffy nods her head "why didn`t you tell me, you didn`t think I deserved to know?"

He could hear the hurt in her voice. It was the last thing he wanted. It was the reason he never told her, because he didn`t want to hurt her.

He walked towards her, softening his expression "I`m sorry."

His attention, once again fell on her swollen belly.

"Buffy the oracles, they turned back the clock, the day didn`t happen, how is this possible?"

"I don`t know, but it is....Do you want to feel him?"

His eyes lit up, making Buffy smile.

"him....It`s a boy?"

Buffy nodded happily, and Angel felt a surge of joy run through him.

He carefully placed his hand on her swollen belly, and they both chuckled as they felt the baby kick.


Buffy loved seeing Angel so happy, she had never seen so much joy in his eyes. Made sense though, since she was about to give him the one thing he never thought he could get, a son.

"I`m gonna have a son" Angel was in awe.

He noticed a second machine signalizing another heartbeat "is that his heartbeat?"

Buffy looked in the same direction and smiled. "yeah."

Then his smile faded, making Buffy uneasy. he looked at her belly "Is he okay, Willow said you were sick?"

"They`re running some tests, I had some pain, and some dizziness earlier."

"Are you in pain now?" he seemed really concerned, and it warmed her heart that he cared so much about her and the baby.

"No" she shock her head, and smiled. "Angel, I`m so glad you`re here, I`ve missed you so much, I wanted to call you so many times but I just..."

"shhhh" he took her hand, and sat down on the edge of the bed. "it`s okay, none of that matters now."

They just sat there together. Holding hands, watching their baby`s heartbeat. The dream Buffy had been having for all these months, had finally come true. Angel was finally here with her.

Chapter 6
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